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£720.00 Inc Vat

Low cost scalable weighing with eWeigh

Just getting started? Or looking to expand? Step up your farming game with the eWeigh, the weigh indicator with advanced technology usually reserved for the big players, but at a price that won't break the bank. As it grows with your farm business, it’s the only weighing device you’ll ever need!


A smart and affordable way to weigh your livestock

The eWeigh is a Bluetooth-enabled indicator that can connect to your smartphone or tablet. When connected to load bars, cells, or even an old needle clock, it calculates the weight and transmits this data to the iLivestock eWeigh app, where you can store and analyse your animal data. Weighing livestock has never been easier!

  • One eWeigh weighs cattle and sheep
  • Works with or without an EID reader
  • Connects to any load bar or weigh cell, as long as the plug fits
  • Grows with your farm business
  • One stop weighing and recording
  • It's made in the UK, supported by our local team


Hardware compatibility

The eWeigh integrates with existing equipment, as it's fully compatible with hardware suppliers Tru-Test, Ritchie, Gallagher, Allflex and Shearwell Data hardware.


Flexibility on the farm

  • No need for an Internet connection
  • With only one on/off button, it's easy to use
  • Chargeable with 12-volt power supply
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • 3-year warranty


The eWeigh unit is provided with:

  • 12 volt charger
  • 7 pin power cable
  • eWeigh Straps



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