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Whether it is a relocatable stock yarda cattle crush or an automated drafting system, Prattley has the answer. All Prattley equipment is fully portable and can be taken to any part of the farm even in the roughest terrain allowing for on the shot management solutions.

Prattley Systems are also extremely tough and durable, for example the alloy used in production is heat treated which provides high tensile strength whilst still being light. This means that each system can be easily set up and operated by just one user.

The Prattley Basic Mobile Yard can be easily transported, assembled and operated by just one person and is versatile and can be taken anywhere on the farm for on-the-stop drenching, crutching, mouthing, tagging, docking and fly strike and any general animal treatment.

Each unit allows the user to utilise the direction of sunlight and wind to ensure a natural stock flow through the yard. And all provide practical results such as faster animal flow, saved time and travel, reduced fuel and labour costs, lower risk of infection from dirty tracks which ultimately means less stress on the animal thereby maximising farm management. 

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