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How To Tag Correctly:

* Improving Retention Rates:

* Keep tags as clean as possible and use Superlube antiseptic gel on the tip of the male tag.

* Ensure the applicator is clear of debris and is the correct applicator for the type of ear tag geing used.

* Ensure that both male and female parts of the tag are sitting correctly in the applicator.

* Check the point of the male tag is in the centre of the female by gently squeezing together.

* Always place the male part of the tag in the back of the ear and ensure that the tag is located as centrally as possible between the veins. (See illustration below)

* Make sure both parts of the tag are fully locked together before disengaging the applicator.



* Please note young livestock should be tagged allowing room for growth.

* Hygiene is important to avoid infections. Keep tags as clean as possible and dip the jaws of the applicator, with the tag installed, into dilute disinfectant before application.

* Illustration shows recommended location of the tag in the ear.

* For better retention put female part of the tag inside ear.


        Two Piece Tags:                                                      One Piece Tags:


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