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The new AWR300 represents the next generation of RFID stick readers and sets new standards in ergonomics, power and functionality. It combines great reading range with an outstanding long operation time, a large display an extensive memory and many smart features.

The new large colour TFT − display shows much more information. It makes the operation easy and displays many information about the animal. In combination with the integrated loudspeaker, vibrator and programmable LEDs it offers various ways to indicate ID, additional information, preprogramed alarms and actions even in noisy environment.


The new robust IP 67 housing is more than 20% lighter and better balanced than any other stick reader, keeping hands and arms relaxed at long-lasting workdays.

Unique is the variety of interfaces. The AWR300 offers USB, RS232 and Bluetooth Class1 as standard interfaces. An optional Wi-Fi version offers great advantages in combination with smart phones and at multi-device operations. The Wi-Fi version makes the connection of several AWR300 to one host easy. Data transfer from and to the AWR300 is very easy using the File transfer or virtual comport mode.

The AWR300 reads all types of HDX and FDX-B transponders, ear tags and bolus compatible with ISO standard 11784/5 with a great reading range without the need of changing batteries during the work. Thanks to a new reading technology, the battery lasts longer than of any other stick reader up to 30 hours in push to read mode and up to 12 hours in permanent read mode. The large memory of 4 GB allows the storage of up to 1.000.000 records (ID, time-stamp and VID). The memory can be arranged in groups. The built-in real-time clock displays and records date and time.

The AWR300 is compatible with AWR200 and to APR500 including TASK and DATA BASE mode. Self-defined Tasks can be loaded makingfrequent works more convenient and quicker. The integrated DATA BASE functions for up to 50.000 data sets arranged in several data bases offers offline data about the specific animal. The data can be changed and added from customized lists (e.g. Breeds or medicines). The AWR300 connects to major brands of scales via Bluetooth or RS232 and adds the weight into the database or task data.

In addition to the many new features, the AWR300 also offers the advantages of the long-time proven AWR100/200 as for example the outstanding reading range, the robust housing and an exchangeable battery. For convenience, power management an external charger and a car adaptor are included.

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Agrident AWR300 Stick Reader Kit

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